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chatbot in sql? Answered

hi everyone
my name is hanoo i'm eng. student
i hope i am in right place to ask and
Consult about my project first i want explain my idea i want make database for "GYM management system" and i want make interface by using php and html also
when any  one open this side appears for user  small app. chatbot and this chatbot ask the user "hello in my side i am here to answer your q ,any Q do you have it you know about activity that is available here? than if the user say no the bot answer "ok,I'll tell you about 1>>>so on . the bots take information from the database so it work like quere .
my Q is how i can link between those ?
what is best language for make this kind of chatbots as you knew there is many language for build chatbots
take ur acount i am engineer student and this project for 4 courses (database,Artificial Intelligence,html,php)
this is my idea i hope it's clearly and still i have 2 week to present my project

can any one help me and give me any project smiler this and any information or website
I'm waiting for your advice and help
thank you




5 years ago

HTML + CSS + JavaScript (with the help of AJAX) + PHP + MySQL -> win!
Already programmed one some time ago >.>


5 years ago

Don't make my mistake. I made a DBP for a used bookstore worked perfectly

the volume of traffic in the store could not keep up the data entry.


a7la nonoiceng

Answer 5 years ago

did u try join chatbot with db ?which language did u use it ? also DBP stand for what? dadabase.........>>>>>

thankx dear for replay

icenga7la nono

Answer 5 years ago

Data Base Program
It was soooo long ago before the internet
Today I would use a scanner and video to text for most entry
and neural nets to form associations.