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check out my smoke bombs that explode on contact contest Answered

the contest is to see who can make a function smoke bomb that goes off on contact with the ground

more details at here


or you could whip up some ammoniam nitrate and CAREFULLY but tightly wrap the smoke bomb in a paper covered in the crystals. then give it a little tape, and viola. BUT THIS HAS SERIOUS FLAWS!!!

ok all you need to do for this is make a smoke bomb (potasium nitrate + sugar) im assuming you know what im talking about. if not here is a link to an instuctable that tells you https://www.instructables.com/id/E6F4H9Z605EP2867LO/?ALLSTEPS

all you will have to do is wait until it is a little less gooey and roll it into a ball and then roll that through a pile of strike anywhere match dust. and voila a smoke bomb you can throw and it should ignite.

uh huh. Just exactly how does one obtain "strike anywhere match dust" ? I think filing it off of strike-anywhere matches is probably a bad idea...

what I've done in the past is place the match/ match head into a ziplock bag and just roll it between the palms of my hands and the dust falls off. none have ignited.

This is just an idea! If I got a bunch of match heads and placed them in a pot filled with rubbing alcohol and heated it up. (lets say it didn't flare up) would this help get the chemicals on the match head off?

should....i think he's going for more than hypothetical. if I was to do that... i would cover it in strike anywhere matchheads pointing out throw it with a spin, it should ignite.