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check this out! big penny strcuture Answered

this guy is LOADED. and bored. too much time on his hands.

edit: see more at http://www.fincher.org/Misc/Pennies/Sent3b.shtml
edit2: this guy was making this for charity NOT for himself

From Marcelo Bezos at pennypyramidproject.com.
I recently built a World Record Penny Pyramid using over 289,000 pennies. I'm currently adding more coins to the pyramid in an attempt to reach the 1,000,000 penny mark by August of next year,
Marcelo is raising money for a charity to raise awareness of Colorectal Cancer.


Damn he's rich!

just think, you could either have a hundered or more pound sculpture, or an ipod!

more like 10 ipods (although I personally prefer the zen)

I would love to go searching through those. Wheat cents, double dyes, coin collector's heaven!

I like the wheat one. I used to think the wheat was feathers...

I love wheat cents as well. Nice collectors items.

Yeah I like the really old ones. I also like the old quarters that have silver in the middle or something like that. My dad knows someone that has quite a few of them.

Hopefully when I get around to it, I can make an instructable on coin collecting. I have a few books I can use as references, and it will be awesome.

My grandfather who passed before I was born had a mountainous coin collection, including sacks full of "silver pennies." Does anyone know anything about these?

Yes, they are from World War II. They are steel cents. They were minted in steel because copper was used during the war. They are from the year 1943.

I've heard of those, I don't remember anything about them though.

they are pennies. lol cue the minor earthquake... what are double dyes?

I think double dyes is a penny that was struck twice with the dye instead of once so it's a bit deformed, sometimes a lot. But usually they get picked off before they leave the mint during quality checks.