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cheep 3 volt dc motor nut and bolt actuator Answered

I'd like to make a cheep motorized actuator using a long bolt, nut & a small hobby motor to spin the bolt. I like to know how to attach the small motor to the bolt, or some way to spin the bolt. All I can think of is drill a small hole in the bolt, then J/B Weld the motor on the back. Is their a better way? Not only that but, what do I use to mount the motor at one end & the other end of the bolt to spin freely.



method for centered, concentric hole.

think about an old cordless drill.. the motor and gear box can be removed and it has a chuck on the end.

I'm making a "Phantasm" sentinel sphere prop replica & this little motor will only be moving like, a piece of wood & a couple plastic blades.

3v DC motor actuator.bmp

Use a thin silicone hose and leave a gap of a few mm to cater for misalignments.

In such a light and simple application nothing more should be needed.

Although depending on the speed of the motor you might want to considered a fine pitched srew.

You motor might have trouble spinning if

a) the bolt is not aligned 100%

b) you need some force

Best way to join with such a tiny drive pin is indeed a hole in the bolt - using a lathe to drill so it is centered, if you don't have access to une a drill press in reverse might do the trick.

Put the botl in the drill press and the drill under it.

Using a puch first to punch the centre.

The drill will centre itself once it goes in.

Other option is a dedicate joined, which also takes care of any misalignment but I could not find one with a hole small enough for motor.

For low torque a piece of plastic hose might work as well.

Push it over the end of the bolt, leaving about 3mm.

Fill the empty bit with 2K glue and insert the motor, let cure.

It helps to heat the hose first and to stretch it, this will cause a "funnel" that aids you for a good centre.