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chemistry assistance please!? Answered

well, you may know you can synthesize CuSO4 with sodium hydrogen sulfate and copper metal if you heat it in a test tube over a burner, but, i have one question, is it possible to do the same with zinc in the place of copper in an effort to produce zinc sulfate? i want this simply as i want some glow powder,but, is this method possible? If not, tell me a simple way. (if there is one...)


Er, if you add copper to sodium hydrogen sulphate, you don't get copper sulphate, because copper is much less reactive than sodium.

As Jack-A-Lopez says, you need zinc sulphide*.

The good news is that you can buy zinc powder and sulphur powder online, and they react easily (mix, and apply a flame).

Be aware, though, that the reaction is energetic enough that the Zn/S mixture has been used by amateur rocketeers as an easily-made fuel (add a little alcohol to make it into a paste you can mold into motors).

*zinc sulfide to some people

First of all, thank you for that, thats going to help me make fireworks, mwahaha, but it is possible to make copper sulfate with the method i gave. I know nitric acid is the only acid that can dissolve copper,(correct me if that is false) but i have done this and used the copper sulfate and it was reltively pure.
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+1. I should have known Jeri Ellsworth would be working on homemade ZnS glow powder. She's fearless.

I think the well-known phosphor is zinc sulfide doped with tiny amounts of impurity metals like copper.  That is zinc sulfide, ZnS, not zinc sulfate, ZnSO4.

Wikipedia usually has good descriptive articles of individual chemicals like this, and I suggest you look at the articles for these two chemicals to see how they are different. Here:
and here:

The wiki article on ZnS says that it can be synthesized just by burning zinc metal and sulfur together, but I have no idea how difficult it is to introduce the controlled amounts of impurities necessary to make it glow.