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do you like chipotle if you do or don't post a comment telling what your fave food is.


really dont like the place, everything just tastes proccesed, homemade food is better

chipotle is amazing!! i also live in ohio (cuyahoga falls), its awesome cause they just opened a new restraunt like 2 min away from me ;D

lol before this one opened, i had to drive like an hour and a half (1 way) to get there!!.. god finally we got one 2 min away ;-) ..now all i need is a Quaker Steak and Lube a few min away from me >:-(.. ...one day....one day ;-)...

Is that near Cuyahoga Valley National Park? BTW: I only ever really drove through OH, but it was a leisurely drive ;-)

Ok, it has been a long time since I was out that way (and since then, don't really care for such long drives anymore either) :-)

There's a pretty good bbq joint there, can't remember the name, on the road leading from the courthouse to 33. I'm in C-bus.

You mean glass city bbq they make good pork bbq sandwiches.

I'm a Moe's Fan... Moe Monday.. $5 for any burrito, chips and a soda :) I haven't eaten there in a long time... I've been really good about eating out lately :)

I'm assuming he means Moe's Southwest Grill, there's one in Columbus, not bad at all.


10 years ago

hey we just got a chipotle close to were I live. They have the best chips and salsa.

I am not familiar with the eatery either, but I DO love Chipotle peppers (but like Jalapeños more). I don't have a favorite food per se`; guess that is why I am a little overweight, there is very little I don't like ;-) But if I had to pick a "style of cooking" taste-wise, French Cuisine would come out pretty much on top.

hahaha i just looked at the map and there is one umm... well the map says 10 miles but im saying about 7 from here (and 3 within 20 miles). no wonder why i have never seen it though. i never go up that road in that direction. perhaps wednesday i will have to make a stop there.

Yeah, we are a "vacation drive" away from all the ones in PA or MD/NJ

The closest thing we have is a Taco Bell (not really the same, I know...their "Fire Sauce" is just a bit this side of mild *sigh* )

I just had an Aunti-Anne's whole wheat pretzel with the Hot (yeah, right) salsa dipping sauce (I could have drank it had it not just been slightly warm cheeze whiz and so thick).

Well really I really love Chinese food,epically the dumplings. mmmmmm.

I was going to go to the one in Cinci, but I had to get back home quicker than I thought. But I've heard Chipotle is really good. Maybe I'll go next time. As far as favorite foods... I think either Thai or Cuban. :D

Google Earth Say: 1.68 miles straight-line, 2.24 miles using main roads, 2.11 using the Sekrut Shortcut. We go there occasionally, but a burrito almost always turns out to be supper and lunch. VERY good food, though, and I love the limey rice! Why do you like Chipotle so much, to the point that it is your avatar? Are you the CEO in disguise?

never been there.(we don't have one. sorry :-{

i have never heard of it before. ive heard of the and think the peppers are quite good, but never heard of the eatery.

I never heard of the restaurant but I love chipotle BBQ sauce!

You should look for on at in your local area they have at least one in every state in America.