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choosing an OS for a linux based arcade cabinet Answered

I'm looking at making an linux based arcade cabinet.
The box I'm using has a Pentium 3 coppermine processor and 512MB ram.
The game I want to try and run will be Geometry Wars running in VMware or similar.
Does anyone have any suggestions for an OS? also, the computer doesn't have access to the internet, so that my make installing packages hard.


You can get CD images, or CDs, for most flavors of Linux so installing shouldn't be all that hard.

I have no opinion on the relative merits of the different Linux flavors, but since your interest is in VMWare I'd start by finding out if there are ones VMWare was particularly easy to install on.

Its not installing the os thats my concern, its installing programs and dependencies that's my problem. Its really easy to install things with an internet connection because it only takes about 3 clicks, but trying to install things off a usb stick or what not, takes so long to do.

It is what it is. If you can't deal with the slight delay of copying the install file to the USB stick -- which really shouldn't be all _that_ much extra time, just a bit of inconvenience -- install network hardware temporarily.

its not the extra time to copy it, its all the mucking around in command line to do it from file as opposed from the net. I have done it before, but about 50% of the time it doesn't work (for me anyway).

What can I say -- you're doing different installs than I am, apparently.