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chrome says instructables has malware Answered

 when surfing to your site using google chrome, a blocker comes up that says your site is harmful and could contain malware.


yes, its all about ads,

6 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including, moreclicksearch.com/, trafmulticheck.com/."

Its an easy fix, and they can take care of it quickly no worries.

Today was the first time I saw this warning. Is it safe to post articles?

Yes - the development team are working on fixing whatever caused the messages, but it is probably linked to an advert.


6 years ago

I know that sometimes it has to do with ads. Had a client with a very good website but used shady ads, eventually got a evil ad.


6 years ago

Same here, in fact I had to "proceed anyway" just to get to this page.

I'm also getting it on instructables emails today because I have images turned on.

 I've had that issue before also, It's not saying that ibles has malware, but some sites that are attached to the links may have malware Hope this helps.