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cigar box bass Answered

I'm making a cigar box bass and have all the parts but i have one concer that needs some opinion. What wood sould i use for the neck? The bass is going to be a through body not a bolt on. please help.


at one time Rogue Guitars made an all aluminum electric guitar


9 years ago

When I made my Cigar Box Guitar, I used a piece of Curly Maple from a friend of mine down the road. He has a wood importing/exporting business, and I used a scrap piece. Basically any kind of hard wood is good, even an old bed post! :D

hey bumpy, what do you think a mutant guitar made solely of metal would sound like?

sorry for disappearing, FF had a woopsy again...

hard and deep, (that sounds wrong), actually it would depend on the metal, brass, steel, titanium, copper, aluminum, tungsten check out goulding guitars he has made a few metal guitars and there is some recordings of the guitar on the site

If it used a soft metal it'd probably sound deep and softer than steel, which would sound high and kind of like it was vibrating, you know like you hear on a loose string that buzzy noise. One made out of tungsten would be amazing for sheer invincibility but you'd barely be able to lift it, lead would be similar in weight but I suspect quite a soft sound, not to mention rather toxic...

ya leads fine as long as you don't start licking the guitar, but i would suggest aluminum because its light weight, easy to work with, hard to weld tho, and it not as expensive as copper (which would probably sound the best as well as brass), and i talked to one of my friends he said he's played a full brass hollow body and he said it sounded "galactic", but if i find some articles on the internet or in a magazine i'll be sure to tell ya

Hmm, It would sound rather unique I would think! Give it a go!

Thanks TUA! I'm still not done with it, I need to work the back of the neck, and get frets on it! :D

check out lmii.com if you want really nice wood but a good piece of maple, cedar or mahogany would do, make sure its good and hard, strong, you will be putting over a hundred pounds of tension on that neck and you might consider a truss rod if you haven't yet