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citizen science contest -- I don't get it? Answered

Looking at the citizen science contest  -- I have ideas for 1000 cheap climate sensors, I followed the link but there wasn't anything about climate sensors, something about bugs in my house, which is interesting too.

Also -- I went to post at the bottom of the contest page, but there was not a spot to do so.  It took me a minute to find this forum... followed about us -> contact   

Contest and website sound great  -- I would like to help solve a specific problem, but I think I'm missing something....I'll try to think of a better question...


Thanks for sharing this. We reorganized the contest page. We hope it's clearer now but please let us know if it isn't. Your feedback is very helpful. Thanks again.

The Citizen Science Contest wants you to create a project solving one of the 4 Challenges they outlined. If you have a project that you think answers the Challenge then create a new Instructable and when you get to the publishing stage simply tick the box that says Citizen Scientist Contest.