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cj jeep to truck conversion? Answered

I am looking to convert a 5 seat jeep to a 2 seat pickup like the scrambler.  I have a pretty good idea on how to do this but i was looking for an ideas and some help on where to find a cheep jeep for the base vehicle.  any help will be greatly appreciated.


The expensive option is, of course, the Jeep Brute conversion. I t looks awesome but costs more than a new jeep unless you do it yourself. Complete models regularly sell for 40k.
The less expensive option is to buy a CJ-8 tub and lengthen your frame rails.
This guy did it with a TJ and the results are awesome.
Read the whole post (14 pages) and you'll get a good idea of what it will cost.
Stock TJ's can be found cheaply on craigslist, maybe you can even locate a salvage model if you plan on tearing it apart. Tjs are way more reliable than older jeeps and have a million inexpensive aftermarket options.
Just search the forum and you'll find lots of people who want the same thing. Jeep really need to build the gladiator.

i was looking at doing it in my parents garage (my dad has all the tools that i cant keep in my apartment) and just making a wall right behind the seats and chopping and extending from that seam at the back

I actually had a similar idea, but I have an '04 unlimited, which has the same wheelbase as the CJ-8. Without the extended wheelbase you won't get much use out of your conversion as you cant make the bed long enough to do anything. My idea is that a truck be isn't much use if it can't hold a 4x8 sheet of plywood or two dirtbikes. If you overextend the overhang behind the rear wheels too much, without extending your wheelbase, you upset your exit angle while offroad and also look goofy. A CJ-8 is only 18 inches longer than an unlimited, so its not much of a stretch. Either way, you can do whatever you like to a jeep and still have a pretty good vehicle. All you need are a cutoff wheel, material, and good welding skills and you can do pretty much anything.

i got a look at another idea while i browsing the web. my cousin has an old side step truck bed off of a Chevy that was converted to a flat bed for hey hauling. maby i could chop and stretch the undercarriage to fit the bed and end up with something like this


i was hoping to find a dirt cheep 4 door wrangler possibly with a bad engine because im looking to drop in a diesel engine and run it on bio-diesel and like you said i would love to fit 2 dirt bikes in and still pull a teardrop trailer for trips to the grass lands

i would also like to ad a set up like this on