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clean way to catch flies in the house Answered

i hope this is the right place;  I just found a somewhat clean way to get rid of flies in the house, spray them with spray starch (for ironing clothes) and they will slow down so they can be caught and put outside, or use paper to pick up and remove them.

I had spray starch in the kitchen and the weather changed here, its humid and suddenly there are flies in the house.  i dont like to swat them and leave that to clean up;  by chance i used the starch, it took some effort to target them but it worked.  i did this last nite, today the 2 i sprayed apparently shook it off were not hurt, so anyone who wouldnt want to hurt a fly could spray them with starch, put them out and there is no  mess to clean and nature can do what nature does.


Oh, I just had a useful idea - sneak up on them with your vacuum cleaner pipe!

I actually meant compared to my other idea.

However, spraying the flies with starch *will* hurt them - the aerosol propellant could be toxic to the flies, the temperature-drop of the expanding gases could damage them, the starch could clog their spiricals (breathing holes), and the simple fact that they have to stop and clean the starch off makes them vulnerable to predation.

On top of that, they do not turn into little gliders when you spray them in flight, which is disappointing.

is there something wrong with you? its a fly, the things freaking survived which is a much better deal for them than being swatted or sprayed with raid, right? Are you wanting to give full rights to flies as if they were human beings? i dont have a stupid vacuum cleaner, the ones I had I gave away before moving. and these are flying around, not sitting on the ceiling in that case the vacuum is a good way to remove them, and Ive done it before.

The little sign here says be nice. i was trying to add something useful and feel stupid for having tried

Pardon me if my sense of humour missed it's mark...

Still wonder how the flies, covered in starch, will make a happy escape once released in the wild.
Instead of waiting for some bird to eat them it might be better to release them into a spiders web!?

I have three cats, they take care of most flying things in the house as soo as they land somewhere....

... though that may prove more annoying than the original problem...