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cleaning peeling black pipe? Answered

Hi everyone, I finally got myself some black pipe for my project at a place where they would cut it for me. (No more EMT.) I have noticed that little bits of the black paint have come off (eg, at the place where I removed the pricing stickers) and that it is greasy all over (most probably from the pipe cutter I used at the store). I don't especially care about the condition of the paint, but want to be able to handle the pipe on a daily basis without getting greasy hands (or accumulating tiny fragments of paint all around my room and then ending up inhaling or eating them over the long term!). I guess that using water and soap on this will make it rust; how would you clean this? Thanks in advance for any advice! James


Black iron pipe is the steel pipe you normally use for gas lines. It may be a lacquer paint or oil-type coating on the pipe. You can clean off the excess grease with a lot of rags and WD-40. You should still have a slick but dry coating that prevents rust. I guess you can touch up tiny spots by getting some black nail polish used by those goth kids.

Soap and water wont make it rust if you dry it thoroughly afterwards. You might want to repaint the bare patches though L


9 years ago

Sand paper? Metal brush?