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cleaning soda bottles? Answered

What is the best way to clean plastic bottles so they can be repurposed? (Hanging planters, bottle-bottom flowers, etc) Thanx! Y'all are AMAZING.



You can get crud out of glass bottles by swooshing soapy water around with a tablespoon or two of uncooked rice. I don't know why that would not work for PET bottles also. I think I might try giving it a rinse with dilute white vinegar to make sure all the soap is gone.

I'd say dish soap and hot water, just like any other dish you need to wash. Since the bottles are so narrow-necked, I'd fill them with hot soapy water and then dump that out and refill 2-3 times; and then do another 2 or 3 fill-&-dumps with hot rinse water. I've washed a gazillion or so bottles this way, and never had a problem.

Should have mentioned... They can be a bear to dry, because of the narrow necks again. OTOH, they can be dried much more easily after they're cut - just be aware that a spot or two water may be lurking somewhere whem you cut the bottle. To dry without cutting, I usually give them 12 hours draining time upside down in the dishrack, and then set them upright on the counter so the last few drops can evaporate, I check in 24 hurs or so - they're ususally dry by then, by sometimes need another day, or two.... Have fun repurposing! :)

water... if sticky...hot water

That would be enough to safely remove sticky soda residue? I was concerned because I saw a comment on an instructable suggesting bottles not COMPLETELY cleaned would grow scary mold. Thank you for your help. :) Melisa