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clock knits hat Answered

Hi Everyone :0) I have seen a clock that knits. Here is the artist explaining how it works  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/06/knitting-clock-365_n_2082949.html  Does anyone know where it can be purchased, or perhaps how to make another one without copying her amazing and unique design?


Oh, that is very cool...

It looks like some sort of commercially-available loom, probably being driven by a motor controlled by a microcontroller counting X minutes and then sending enough power to the loom to knit a single stitch.

I have taken the liberty of emailing the creator and asking how she did it.

I watched two videos where her "knitting clock" was being shown as an instalation at a gallery , and she was being interviewed. In the interview, she shows how her clock works. It is a 24 H clock. I believe the clock was a university project. She explains the history behind its conception in the clip. She is from Berlin

Could it be that she went to the university of Berlin? I was sure the word "Berlin" was in the interview some where

Since you can get hand-cranked circular knitting looms, I guess the simplest version would be an Arduino driving a servo to rotate a pre-programmed amount once per minute.

I've just had a Google around, and you can buy toy hand-cranked circular knitting machines for around $35-$40.

I guess you'd have to buy one before you can work out how many turns per hour you'd need to engineer...?

ohh really awesome