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cobaia.exe how to dwonoad that file ? Answered




Best Answer 6 years ago

I did a short search and i cannot find what that file is exactly, but it is often listed as a virus or a Trojan, If this is a malicious program you will have trouble downloading it. Your antivirus program will kill it as soon as it appears. In addition the web sites that are hosting it might be blocked. If you do succeed in getting a copy of it and it is a virus it might trash whatever computer you put it on. If you want it for a prank against someone, infecting someones computer on purpose with bad intent is a criminal offense and can get you in big trouble. Since it has such a high virus infection rate I would stay away from it. Somethings don't download for a reason.

Read Canucksgirl's excellent response, follow it, then reformat your hard drive to get rid of all the viruses you just installed. After that, go learn something about protecting your computer.

What does "dwonoad" mean and where is this file?


An ".exe" is an executable file.

Double-click and "save as" to your desktop. OR, you can probably Right-click and "save as" to your desktop.

Once its downloaded to your computer, you'll need to Double-click on it for it to install to your computer. (I'm assuming this is a program or something?)

If you need more help, then let me know. :)