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coilgun question, could someone explain what an SCR is to me and how to incorporate it in a coilgun circuit? Answered

i am a novice "coilgun maker," and understand all the principals and such involved in it. now that im moving to more advance coilgun design, i need to understand what an SCR is/does. wiki can only teach u so much :D
any help or answers to this question will b greatly appreciated!


An SCR is a very fast silicon switch. It can turn on and pass a lot of current very quickly. It cannot be turned off readily though.


Okay thx for the info. Now a quick question, where should i put it in my coilgun circuit, like i was thinking of attaching it to the momentary switch im using.
Also do u no any place that sells them? Internet or store

almost exclusively internet --

Where in the circuit - it would go where the switch WAS...it is handy because it isn't mechanical like a switch or relay, and won't weld shut like some switches will with huge current.

Thx again. I believe i understand now. Final follow up question how are they rated by how much voltage it takes to switch em on or what?

Rated by maximum single voltage, maximum pulse current, contuinuous current etc etc. . Switchng time in a toy coil gun is unlikely to be an issue. You really need to discharge a nice fat capacitor into the gate connection to turn them on most efficiently.

i wold sagest a relay like this guy uses u can get relays and switches scrs and all the things dreams are made of at radioshack and stores similar i wold say use a relay triggered by a momentary switch and a 9 volt if you don't have a radioshack near you order from there site or others like it 

 the relay may look complicated but rely there not u just need to look at a circuit