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coin/penny battery Answered

can i make a ''coin/penny battery'' with ''Bronze and Aluminium'' alloyed coin????.
my country's currency coins have following Composition:
1: Bronze and Aluminium       1 rs
2: Brass and Aluminium         2 rs
3: Cupro-nickel                      3 rs
can i use any of them to make coin/penny battery?????please tell me if any of them will work.....


The only way to know for sure stick two coins of different alloys in a lemon and measure with a meter.

Some people use a potato.

I "think" usama was referring to a battery constructed like the following:


It's the same principle and the same answer build it and test it.

Any pairs of different metals will work.

Try combinations of all three, see which works best.

(Thas called "science".)