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collecting gas Answered

hey everyone my freind is needed to collect and store 50ml of any gas she chooses and well, we have no idea how to do it. any ideas???? it can be any gas just as long as its a simple easy way to get the gas thanks :)


to harvest gen as get somme cocacola opn it and put a balloon ontop of it and shake up the coke and all the c02will go in the balloon

depends on how the gas is made

when collecting gas from, say, alkaseltzer and water, you could use a gas-collecting apperatus. how it works is the reaction takes place inside a vial with the hose coming out of the top the vial must be over the basin or else it will fill with water. the hose goes into a water basin with a hole on the bottom connected to the other side of the hose. in the water basin there is a jar filled 100% with water THAT IS OVER THE HOLE. when the reaction occours the gas goes out the rube and into the jar, letting water out. the water is forced out because gas is lighter than air, creating bubbles.

but if say, collecting gas from a fart....think...i wouldnt recommend it though =P


Hmm, many gases are not lighter then air, but we know what you mean ;-)

if you look at the picture there IS no air only pure (insert gas here)

Sorry, I was just commenting on because gas is lighter than air and I forgot to include the quote I was commenting on......

haha yeah we already thought of fart in a jar. the instructor dodn't like that idea very much :P we were thinking would it be possible to use vinegar and soda water in a jar to create carbon dioxide???? we are very unscientific by the way.thanks so much for ur reply to

Soda water, if you mean what is sometimes call Seltzer water, that is simply water (sometimes with quinine added) with an excess of CO2 forced to be dissolved while under pressure. It starts to "fizz" once the pressure is released.

To "produce" CO2 you could use vinegar and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda powder) OR simply water and Baking Powder (baking Powder reacts directly with water).

haha thats a vey nice picture...and very technical looking but we already thought of the balloon idea. but thanks anyway looks cool. ok well we got that sorted. now lol we just have to figure out how to measure exactely 0.01 moles of carbon dioxide into the balloon. lol thanks for all your help by the way, but we feel bad for asking all these questions so we shall leave you all alone now and try to figure it out ourselves. thanks again :D:D:D:D:D

Did you have any specific kinds of gases in mind? There are the flammable kinds that require specific safety considerations and then there is the inert or non-flammable kinds. If you are experimenting with air you would just pump up a beach ball or CO2 from a soda bottle. They sell small helium tanks for filling up party balloons.

Or if you need to create CO2 one can do so with a little vinegar and baking soda.

if generated within a test tube or container with a narrow neck, a balloon could be used, if the gas would not react with the balloon itself.