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color code on a samsung LCD? Answered

i had this old laptop wich had a burned out motherboard, so i took it apart for parts.
obviously, the LCD screen caught my eye.

this thing has 1 connector, with  bout 40 pins. 5 wires are going to the inverter (i guess taht's it at least) and the rest goes to a circuitry on the back of the LCD.

now, there are 15 wires (D-sub standard right?) going to the LCD, and i would love to know how to wire them, that is, what wire takes what voltage, data, or whatever it needs.
btw, the connector to the circuitry has 20 pins, dunno what that means (multiple ground lines?)

the only chip on the circuitry is labeled: LXD91810
note, the 6 could also be an 8, some genius used a permanent marker to write a 3 over it, wich makes i very hard to read...

is there any site online that is about these kind of mods? i was looking but couldnt find any...
i have included pictures of what i think is important, please ask if theyr either unclear, you need anything else or whatever :P

any info is welcome and greatly apreciated!


yeah, i've seen the question, just never found the answer... anyway, you're talking bout a video card or something like that right? and that link, those are LCD's with theyr controller right? isnt there any way to get like a controller for this LCD? or take it out of the laptop's motherboard?

In real terms you might be better buying an LCD kit. But in the kits are controllers, if you looked hard enough you might find one.
Video-cards out put to an external monitor in a standard format, the actual displays need something else.
You would have to go looking and research it, and I might do it for you if I din't think you'd manage it yourself.


yeah, in real terms, but where's the fun? the challenge? the learning curve? anyway, its a bit late to go do some research right now, so il go look at it tomorow. thanks for the effort!

The problem is that they will probably use a proprietary data format, not a universal one. Unless you can reverse engineer the format, probably won't be doable.