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come on people what should i make give me some ideas i always accept challenges big stuff/smallstuff wierd stuff anythin Answered



8 years ago

I think you should build your own zeppelin.

Remember when you were a kid and you would make say a.... lego car   and then crash it and all the pieces would go flying.   I'd like to see a full size lego car and then crash it so pieces go flying

 For a greater challenge, weld the hard candy together. Not sure how you could do that, but you would get ultimate bragging rights.

I think you should make some sort of energy conversion device, something to power your car or home, by burning garbage, or antimatter, or whatever you've got available. Let me give you some examples:

Something to power your car:

A cubic fuel-cell thingy to make electricity for your house:

And many others:

BTW, be sure to take lots of pictures, because pictures help for writing up an attractive, lucid, and otherwise awesome instructable!

A completely edible, highway-legal motorcycle.

Would you consider a horse to be "completely edible"?  Erm... somewhat edible?

I'd go with "mostly edible", and if you can make one from scratch, you get my vote for Instructagod.

Here's the challenge.  Write 2 sentences at least 8 words each with no spelling errors or gramatical errors.

Can you do it, betcha cain't.

well im talkin bout building challenges not writing i do enough of that at school but there im lectured if i mess up and by the way no i caint i tink u notiseed tat  jk but i know i cant i always sucked at writing

 Make a model of the eiffel tower out of nails that are welded together.

A remote-control bristlebot.


8 years ago

I suggest a self-contained, one person WA-BAK machine. It is such a pain having to drag Sherman along on my forays into the past.