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this is for comic lovers to discuss well..... anything. I currently am trying to get a job with marvel to be an artist for them. so feel free to post pictures of your art or you in your captain America feety pajamas whatever her are some of pieces of art I made (freehand). sorry about side ways art!!


You drew that...? wow!


9 years ago

greg go wee jouben i wuv your work. + 1000

thanks dane your the first fing person to look at this.

Just curious, what type of pen/marker did you use? It looks like you used an ultra-fine point Sharpie, but that's just a guess.

well I used a bunch of different mediums the green pic I used a uni ball pen, a sharpie, water colors (black background for woman pic), white - out for the stars, and other pens. my father and I get get free pens and stuff from staples, because we test them out, and send in a review. below are pic of the pens I use. but thanks for the support!!!


. Great stuff!!