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coming soon knex pac sniper rifle Answered

this gun is good looking and works great! it will be on this weak end! yes february 9th or 10th! you know something this gun has a new system it has a breach like mepains sniper rifle but the breach goes into a mag that holds 5 bullets! so there is a new system now for every one to copy off of. YaY new pics! 6.the gun 7.fp (first person) 8.this is how the mag works


is your gun going to be posted yet?

I don't have the soft ware to make it work :P for the pictures on the roller coaster I used my moms camera that works with the cord ,but she dosn't like me to use it .


yeah it rely is go to my home page and see.

well, i have to say its weird if you posted the knex cart instructable today and not the pac sniper????

i have noticed alot of people use the little brother excuse. no offense. just noticed that. have you noticed that lately?

well this ones true he likes to play with stuff and some times break it. It was an sd card reader and he broke the u.s.b. slot off the front of it. my mom is going to buy two soon I hope its soon.

BOY I CANT WAIT UNTILL ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks soooooooooooooooooo coooooool!!!!!!!!!!!! power doesent matter if it looks so cool, by the way how powerfull is it?

it can shoot about 40 ft. the usual knex gun I guess and I have never tested the power rely.

to tell ya the truth all my knex guns are under 30, my best gun is my sniper, it shooots 31 or less

you said it was working well, thats good too, my sniper sometimes shoots the bullet sideways out the magazene, and im constantly replacing the pin. my srv1 (KILLERK by the way) is still in construction, but im just stuck, i dont understand completely how it works. so ill trash both snipers, and make this one!

gonna make, but the bi-pod makes the gun a little tall, do you agree?

another thing, where is the fireing pin? i cant find it anywhere, does it even use a pin?

nice mag design I'm working on a mag that uses two barrels and connects it'll be more realistic

How Do you do the Yellow boxes on the images?

here are the rules... you can't do it in comments on your instructables's you have to be in preview mode or normal viewing mode. in a forum topic you can only do it in preview mode and viewing mode (like if you came to the instructable)

i had the same problem too, after you have the pictures, save it, than click the edit button, it should work. :D

hey, do you have an estimate in when your sniper is coming out? i really want to build it.

I'm 95% sure. there might be a couple of days delayed or something. look at this knex tank I have a forum topic for it with two more pictures.


I saw it earlier i had an idea for ataching a gun to that beast, create a motor that is conected to a block trig, then make a barrel, make the motor spin and BAM! you like thie idea? i know its kinda obvious to do that though, so.....yeah.

what ive noticed, is that, i always, when i build a gun, build just the mechanics and its frame, and then make my own stock, barrel, and stuff

whens it coming out? i saw you on youtube, your rojm

oh, well on youtube, the guy said that he was you. lol :D oh yeah, it shoots blue rods right? how far does it shoot, and does it use any new mechanisms?

When I asked the guy on youtube (rojm) he said he was knex_builder_freak.