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comp. screen with many ports, TV compatible? Answered

Apart from a VGA plug, my computer screen has a bunch of plugs. One of these is supposed to be a composite video port, but none of my cables fit. Do I need to splice some wires or just move 5 feet to my TV?

(also, I'm not sure if it's PAL or NTSC. or if this would matter.)

If I have to replace the plug on the screen, that's not a problem.

link to screen page

I made a butt-ugly adapter for the composite port, no luck there.

Another Edit
V=Vertical, not video



Best Answer 8 years ago

Here's a link the the manual.  Look on page #4.

What those connectors do is break up the signal that some older high end video controller provided into r,g,b, horiz. and vert.  You can see that it used a special cable that took the signal out and broke it into the 5 components.

Lots of point of sale computers in stores used this system.

I don't know how you can use it for what you are trying to do.

None of those look like composite-video to me.
You should research the signal-format and see what you can find.


Well, the site mentioned composite video, and all those connectors look wierd. Also, what do you mean by "research the signal-format" ?

I meant to find out how that monitor works with it's RGB an those other inputs.


I really no way of testing it. Partially because I have nothing with an RBG line out of it, and partially because of those stupid connectors. I'll try to hack together an adapter for now.


  I won't guarantee it, but I think you may be looking at Color RS-170 video or similar. That link explains it, but you'd need to "unpick" the composite signal with some electronic device and output it to at least 4 cables to get the thing to work.


Thanks for the help, but I'll just use my TV for now