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compact companion cube Answered

I just built a compact companion cube and wondered what they are how can they die. somebody mentioned it in an Instructables


. It's the parentheses. Kelseymh had to explain it to me and now I'm passing it on. ;)
. You can use entities to replace the parens. See Instructables Text Formatting.
. You may be able to find an alternate WP link. I've been able to find a link to a page w/o the parens by poking around a little bit. Try approaching it from a different angle, eg, start at Computer Games.
. Use the WP search and don't include parens in your search string. Look near the top of the page for a "Redirected from" link. Sometimes you get lucky.

I've been having some link problems too. Idk.

"Bad formatting" from the brackets perhaps? L