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computer fan mod ???? will reversing fan direction cause overheating etc? Answered

I have an older computer, and i was thinking instead of buying a new fan and installing as an out-take, what if i just reverse the one fan i have to pull air out, instead of running two fans.. would this cause overheating or any other problems, or would it provide better airflow in a "vacuum" effect for the computer. i only have the one fan in it right now.


You'll find that a really easy and free way to improve case cooling is to take a side panel off. Since cases tend not to have good filters on them, the dust & fluff accumulation is much the same. L


9 years ago

I would suggest two fans, one on one sode and the other on the opposite, that way it will have a good airflow.

. Which direction the air goes is not important as long as the hot components get plenty of flow. The PSU probably has a fan - set yours to blow opposite of it. Ie, if the PSU blows out, make your fan blow in.

It all depends on the placement of the fans, but just reversing the fan that you have will not cool the case as efficiently as having an in and out fan. The thing to remember is that you want air to pass as directly as possible over the components that heat up the most (CPU, GPU, RAM) and their heat sinks. If reversing the fan achieves that, then it's a good idea, but I would doubt this is the case.