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computer fan on 220v? Answered

hi can i connect computer fan to 220v? if i can what else parts i need to use?


What type of fan i think it might be a 12 volts dc fan which is often used in a Computer's SMPS (generally named as power supply) so if you got that one turn to radioshack buy one 12 volt output transformer and then put a rectifier!

OR if you are thinking powering a 12 volts dc fan with 220 v ac line don't ever think of that it will blow up!

yeah,thanks. that was stupid question from my side. i read how rectifier works (but 5% efficient) ,and transformer(i have one from old power supply),.....best choice is simply 12v wall charger ..

Find an old wall-wart powersupply and use that.

my first choice is gone, i just readed document where is saying that droping voltage from 220v to 12 v with rectifier is only 5% efficient.
so my 2nd choice (with your help) is to buy on flea market (in Novi Sad,Serbia) for only 1-2 $

Its also potentially lethal. The fan is not designed to be part of a mains powered system, and you can get a fatal shock from it.

thats my 2nd choice, but my first choice is to use 220v with some components?

Then you need a small transformer, a rectifier, a smoothing cal (470uF should be OK) and ideally a 12V regulator.