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computer problum? Answered

 ok one of my computers ant working right when i boot it up, it goes through a few then it does a memory test it passes and then checks if the drives are working and then comes up with a warning thing

"WARNING: The boot devices have been changed BBS boot priority will be affected.  please enter the setup to check"

i dont know what this means so i came here AND IE and windows media player wont work on the computer



4 years ago

try re-installing the software (if you still have it).

Fix the boot problem first.  It looks like either you have changed one of the drives, or the computer thinks you have.  Go into setup by rebooting and hitting delete key.  Go to the page where you set up the boot priority and set it to your hard drive.

If this doesn't fix it your hard drive might be going out.  This might be why the other things don't work.

Try it and see if it gets better.

its not bios thing or the drive going its 1 of 2 things 1 someone hacked our network 2 a virus now 2 computers have the same thing