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confused about LED drivers and current Answered

confused about LED drivers and current.


thats the driver im using and i want to have 6 1 watt LEDs attached to it. I finally found a 30volt power supply but it puts out 1 amp. from what i understand i cant put that much current through the driver.

i was reading around though and it looks like maybe the driver is only going to pull what it needs from that amp. I dont want to blow my driver and i dont want to blow the LED.

i would probably just try it out anyway but am still waiting for the parts to come in the mail...



5 years ago

Great news! Thanks steve and frollard for the quick and informative response! So just out of curiosity. Do all circuits just pull what current they need from the power source? One jus needs to make sure you will supply enogh volts and current to do the job?

No, for example a pure LED without a driver, will pull enough current to destroy itself. Otherwise, you design a circuit and match the power supply to what you've made.

Don't worry. The supply current limit isn't what the CIRCUIT will draw, it will draw what it needs.


That's what the psu is RATED to output max before it starts a smoky fire-y death. Drawing less than that is perfectly safe, and is exactly what the driver circuit does.