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connect power inverter to car battery? Answered

how do i properly connect a car battery to my 2000w power inverter


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With an isolating switch and cabling rated to 170 Amps !!!

What is an isolating switch and where would I be able to purchase one? And will booster cables be good for cabling?

Cabling - Booster cables are rarely rated to this sort of current, you want a continuous rated cable, you'll need something like 25mm^2 cross section cable for these currents, and as SHORT as absolutely possible.

Switch - "Isolating switches" are often used in trailers and RVs to switch off the battery.



Do you really need that much power? Bigger is not necessarily better!

I looked your inverter up and this was what I found out about the shumacher 2000w inverter if you bought it new.
 2,000 continuous watts
 4,000 peak watts
 2 x 120V AC outlets
 Heavy duty battery clamps and ring terminals attached
 2 LED indicator lights
 On/Off switch
 Built-in high speed cooling fan
 Compact and durable aluminum case
 Fused overload protection
 Low battery voltage shutdown
 High temperature shutdown
The cables it came with should be what you use.
This inverter is built to be connected to a battery with booster like cables and use.
If you got yours with the cables and booklet missing google it and see if you can buy what you are missing.

You were not vary specific about what you wanted to know so I will start at what can cause a fire.
A car battery may be light make sure it is rated for at least 250 amps or use more than one battery connected in parallel.
Start with a proper battery connector, weather a threaded post or a crimpon if the connection is not tight it can over heat. Use the appropriate size and extra wire, if your wire is short or too small it will not dissipate the heat. Connect + to + and – to -.
Weather you use a fuse or a breaker, use one that is the right size, although you are running a 2000 watt continuous usage inverter it may run for 20 minutes on 3000 watts peak power. You may need a slow burn fuse or a surge breaker, that means at twelve volts you can draw 170 amps continuous and 250 amps peak power for twenty minutes. A breaker also makes a good on and off switch.
Does this help?

umm.. I not sure what kind of wire to use. Can i use car booster cables? Or is there a specific kind of wire? My inverter is a shumacher 2000w power inverter model PIF-2000) and my battery is a motorcraft max. And preventing a fire is my major concern. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

An isolating switch, isolates your house service from your inverter if they are connected together. If you are not connected to you’re the house wiring it is less important.
I had to look cable size up in my Electrician’s Hand book #4 fine stranded should do.
Booster cables can’t be trusted as the cables are only for short use and are often under sized.
From battery to Inverter you should have at least 3 feet of cable to dissipate heat.