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connect the arduino to the internet without using the ethernet shield?pls reply? Answered

i want to create a html page using arduino and i will connect my laptop to the arduino..and the laptop will have the wifi network..thus my query is,how to connect the arduino to the internet without using the ethernet shield or wifi shield and has to be done only by the laptop wifi network?pls reply?




Best Answer 6 years ago

YIf I understand what you're trying to do, you should be using the arduino to capture sensor data. Then squirt that over serial to your laptop, into a database. Then set up your laptop with XAMPP and change the settings to make it accessible from outside your local network.

Setting up XAMPP is very easy if you follow the guides on the website. This will essentially make your laptop into a web server. You can make a web page with HTML and PHP that  fetches data from a MySQL database. All of this can be made visible from the internet.

To listen to the Arduino you might use processing, as just one example. Look around on the site for tutorials on listening to Arduinos and another for putting data into a database. Or if you're familiar with other languages, there are plenty of others you could use to do the same thing.

I dont think the extra layer of a database is really needed in this case, it could save a lot of headaches just reading the data from the arduino and creating a html from that (would also make uploading to a remote host with ftp a lot easier - another option if exposing his own laptop is a concern). Just something to consider


It depends whether he needs to collect data over time or just know if his garage is open or closed I suppose.

Agreed (even though my "solve this" part of the brain is saying you could locally (on the PC/laptop) scrape your html for the data each time its updated and save it of in a CSV)

it all comes down to what the project actually is for, but imho, also ones skill-level, setting up a DB and webserver is non-trivial for most people, whereas moving a html file from your homecomputer to some kind of hosting/free webpage is by far easier wont leave his homenetwork open due to misconfigured services listen on the internet (yes, im paranoid :-)


Very true, good point. It'd be much easier to have a script upload a file to a server than create a server. All comes down to what yogesmart22's trying to do :)

Why, what exactly do you imagine doing with the Arduino?
Use the laptop directly, there's no sense or need (which I can see) in trying to fit another microprocessor in there.


plenty of reasons to do this, handling I2C and SPI sensors for a start

check my instructable for a better and easy way to connect it to internet


6 years ago

Have You looked at SerialIP (http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/SerialIP)?
There are more examples how to use uIP like webserver and stuff at https://github.com/sde1000/NanodeUIP

If you are running win7 home edition you need to install VirtualBox and install any linux or XP to enable slip or try this http://www.ngsoft.com/category/SLIP 14 days.

Good luck, its always fun to run tcp/ip on an arduino.



6 years ago

You basically want to do serial communication between the arduino and the pc/laptop, then the laptop would forward requests/replies between the arduino and the client requesting it (alternatively the pc/laptop could be running a webserver and fetching the data over serial whenever it needs it)

The above requires a fair amount of programming and knowledge that from your question i doubt you have yet. but that should not discourage you! if you have the interrest and determination it is really not as hard as it sounds - and you might learn from it, even if you do not solve it