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connecting peltier element to 12v car socket? Answered

I have 150W peltier element, and I plan to build a mini  fridge for my car, so I was wondering if its safe to just directly connect peltier element to 12v car cigarette socket with 2 in parallel attached cpu cooling fans (12v 0.15A). Can it be done, or any other sugesstions?


Mmm. Check the fuse on the socket. You need at least 12.5 amps, and it may surge higher.

Is there another solution, can I put something like a potentiometer or a resistor to lower the power of the peltier or someting like that?

The BEST method would be to buy a switch mode supply.

Thank you all for your answers, I think it's the best and safest to buy a switch mode supply then :)

As steveastrouk said, check the fuse of the socket you want to use. If the rating is too low, do not just insert a bigger fuse. The rating was chosen by the car manufacturer for a reason. A bigger fuse might withstand the current but it might then fail to protect the wiring. In worst case, you may start a cable fire. If the fuse's rating is too low, run extra wires (thick enough) from the battery and don't forget a (bigger) fuse.

12A is a lot of current and will drain your battery in no-time. So make sure the fridge is only on when the engine is running

Yes you can connect it to your car's electrical socket without any problems.