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I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer


At this point, I don't see a published Instructable. So if it is in transit, waiting for a review, that may be why I can't see it.

As to why it is not accepting it into the contest, if you actually did publish it, I don't know. But, if you created it but haven't published it yet, that would be the reason.

Thank you for your answer I got lost, when I finished the Instructable I thought I publish it now I don't know how to do it. Any idea? Thanks again.

Are you still having trouble publishing your instructable. When you view your instructable on top right side you should have this box. Click on the publish button and fill out a few questions, and it should publish. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to appear in the recent instructables section, and if you enter in a contest that is moderated it may take a while to be entered (mine took a day and a half). I am looking forward to seeing your instructable.


Thank you ChrysN, I'll try that.

If you are still having trouble, you can also contact admin.