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contest rule multiple entries Answered

I am quite interested in the Shop Bot Challenge, I will have my project done with plenty of time (hopefully)
May I enter it in more than one Challenge, and if I win in a lesser one will I be disqualified from the one I really want to win,
Shop Bot in this case.

In my case I saw the mad scientist challenge and could make that dead line but do not want to jepordize my chances at
Shop Bot if I win the other, intution tells me not to enter the same project in both challenges, am I correct in this gut feeling?


Per the Official Rules, you may enter the same Instructable in up to 3 Contests.

There is no guarantee you will win any of them so enter as many as you can and have fun personally I would love a tee-shirt.

You can enter an instructable in up to three different contests. You can win in multiple contests with the same ible so go for it. The contests are judged independently of each other. Good luck.

if am not wrong i looked in Rules and i found this line which contradicts yours

"Entries must not have been entered in more than two other contests of Sponsor;"
Hope this must allow not more than 2

You are replying to an old post.  Taken in context, counting the entry being submitted into the contest shall or will not be allowed entry into more than 2 other additional contests during the entry period.  They must have clarified the language which now states "Projects published prior to the Start Date are not eligible for entry. You may not register the same Instructables project in more than three (3) Instructables contests... "  Good luck in whatever you enter.

in section A
You may not enter the same Instructables project in more than three (3) Instructables contests in total. Further information about entry can be found in Section B below

in section B
Entries must not have been entered in more than two other contests of Sponsor;

What does that exactly symbolize i see a contradiction in both the statements.
So if i enter my ible in three contest i should not be eligible if we go by rules.

Both say the same; not more than three altogether = no more than two others in addition to this one.

This rule that an instructable should only be entered in a maximum of three contests is to help ensure fairness and give others a shot at winning the grand prize so that a superduperawesome project will not keep on winning all the prizes in every contest. That said, if you translate the lawyer writing in section B as "if you are going to enter this contest with your instructable, make sure that you didn't already enter it in more than two other contests before or else it will go over the limit of maximum three contests entered and it will be ineligible to be entered into this contest." I hope that clarifies it a bit.

Great News!

Now I'm twice as excited, thanks for your prompt reply.