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contest update Answered

im just wondering what happened to change the end date of the contest. i was trying to look to see where there was a post or something and couldnt find anything. does this mean it will be judged on the 10th instead judgeing announced today? im just confused how it the contest is changing its making it hard for me to keep up. thanks in advance - Nate



so the contest is over and i was right. they can keep my 2 prize packs cause i dont want anything that has to do with a rigged competition i play fair. even when others dont. id rather spend 20 bucks on a dub and get blazed. think this time its a 10 dollar prize pack next time its a A trip to the June 2009 RoboGames in San Francisco

i mean since the failure to address the issue. i see a entry from the may 5th win. thats not what the contest was. it ended on the first. lets say a radio station says for a week 7 am friday caller 12. then time comes its 7am friday. he gets to caller 12 and says you know what caller 15 is the winner. wouldnt caller 12 be pissed. you just said all week it was caller 12 then at caller 12 said 15 is the winner. but whatever. thats why it will be my first and last instructables contest and ive posted my last guide on here. cause theres to much bull crap in the world so why support it. im not trying to be a dick but come one. what is this third grade and if you have 2 gold stars your above everyone else. come on act like you have a little pride in the website and show some etiquette.

favoritism of the gold stars is so thick it was a late entry in burning questions and a early entry in bike month.

That is a bit confusing... it said Voting ends at midnight on the 7th... but now it says voting is until the 12. Is there going to one big winner? I thought if you wrote an instructable on the list, you got a prize, and if there are multiple entries for one of the questions, then voting came into play. *is so confused*

so they just changed it again at 12:30 and still couldnt respond. thats a little bit rude.