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controlling coil using H-bridge...possible? Answered

Hi! Yesterday I bought a Nikko X-pander r/c car, for only $ 3, and I want to put my own electronics on it. I've seen that the front wheels are controlled by some sort of electromagnet that changes polarity to turn the wheels left or right. I already made my own homemade L298 module and I want to know if it's possible to use one channel of L298 driver to change the angle of the front wheels. Thanks.


Sure. That's a great idea. Perfect way to do it.

+1 - if the coil is directly driven it should give precise control of the amplitude;

@author I've never seen a steering system that doesn't use servos to turn...Do you have any pictures of the mechanism?

believe me, I've also never seen before a steering system using just a coil and two magnets. it's a chinese r/c car, so everything is possible :D I managed to make the car work and i'm pretty excited. here's a video with the car running. sorry but i'm talking in romanian on the video so i hope it's not a problem.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=536486013079567