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convert 5v DC to 3.3v DC? Answered

Hello would somebody help me with this please, I am not much of a "electronic" kind of guy so this is a big problem for me. I lost the power adapter of our office router WRT54GC (linksys) and my boss has his finger cross on me. I only knew of its power which is 3.3volts 2A DC. From my location, it is very unlikely to obtain a replacement or an equivalent adapter. I have salvaged a power supply of and old printer that gives off 5.0V 2A DC but the router would not run with this voltage. I will really appreaciate it if somebody would be able to help with a step by step explaination on how to lower the 5v to 3.3V . Thank you very much.




a 78xx series voltage regulator would suit the purpose, EXCEPT that it only supports 500-800mA of current depending on the model and package.

It might be easier to get a 3.3v regulator. If you're capable of getting parts of the net then you're probably capable of getting a universal power supply...

According to the website a linksys WRT54GS router takes a 12 volt adapter.
Check the router and TRIPLE check exactly what you need

To: Frollard Thank you very much for the quick reply. 12v DC 2000A is very common here and I have tried using it already (respecting polarity), however, it would not turn on. I tried using the 3.3v from salvaged PC switching power supply which gives it some life but not functional. I guess its too much power (32Amps rated) and its voltage is fluctuating. I think I would just double my efforts here in finding a replacement adapter, maybe some local stores have one. by the way, its WRT54GC, its the compact type. I hate this router but its another story. thank you very much for your eagerness to help.

I contacted linksys tech support - they said if you contact customer support they can sell you a new one.

My appologies: It is a GC not GS :S I've never heard of the gc. if 3.3v from a computer power supply won't make it function then I would worry it's broken. the amps rating of a power supply is 'max' not 'always'. the voltage from a psu should be very stable on the 3.3v line.