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convertin a 10 pin joystick to a usb ? Answered

so i came across the sidewinder pro 3d pro joystick, at a local recycling depot it is the old ten pin connection , i would like to know if it is possible to convert the connection from the ten pin to usb.
any suggestions would be helpful.
many thanks


A 15 pin joystick issues analog voltages for the X and Y axes, which, along with the Digital switch signals are acquired by the soundcard joystick probe and converted inboard into useful signals for the computer program...You'd have to design an A/D into the joystick, then carefully feed its output thru a USB transceiver per some mfg spec (to mimic the intended stick's behavior). A brand spankin new USB joystick will set you back a grand total of $39 US. ( I purchased a logitech usb joystick  around Thanksgiving )

so, yes, but is it worth the trouble? idk.

yes but you don't find anything as cool as force feedback side winder in usb joysticks. if you do, tell me.

Oh, I agree. I have a wireless 6-axis for the PS/3, and while it does run out of power with speed and regularity, I far prefer it to a tethered solutions, USB or otherwise. My point was that it might just be simpler and more economical to buy one. Not saying it can't be done.

Not very easily. They operate in different ways, so you'd need a conversion-unit. Do you feel like buying something or putting a lot of time and some expense into making something?


i would put time into building something if possible .
and i would buy something if it wasn't to expensive .
so bit of a and b.

 Unfortunately, it won't work. 

While it is possible to turn it into a USB connection, your computer won't recognize it.