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converting a digital photo frame to an lcd monitor is it possible? Answered

Hi everybody! As the topic suggests really i was wondering if this can be be done. In particular so that they could be fitted in to a car for a dvd player. It seems as though it should be possible but i was wondering if anyone had tried it?


I'd say it's possible. I have seen more done with less.

It seems more economical to hack a small portable DVD player to fit into your dash or hang it off a headrest. Larger photo frames cost more than a portable DVD player. You would need something to convert the composite signal coming out of your dvd player for the photo frame to display it.

what i wanted was a multiple screen set up (one in each headrest ) the price of digi frames has now fallen you can get them of the self for a little over £30 compared to screens built for this which retail at around £150.