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convet a scooter wheel to haave an non rotating axle? Answered

i want to convert an airfilled scooter wheel wit a solid axle and put a belt wheel on it


go for it.

what does that mean,no offense but that answer wasn't very helpful i need to convert a wheel so the axle doesn't rotate

You don't have enough details...I was being a smartass.

The axle usually doesn't rotate - its stationary.
The hub around the axle rotates with a
bearing (like a ball bearing, or roller bearing) in between. Attached to the hub is the wheel, with a tire filled with air

What exactly do you want to accomplish?

i need the bearing to stop working so when you turn the axle it turns the wheel and the wheel dosent spin around the axle

take the bearing out, and bolt the wheel to the axle You're saying you want a direct linkage between the wheel and the powering axle - that can be done.