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cool alcoholic ideas? Answered

well im about to be 21 soon and im looking for cool alcoholic ideas, such as vodka gummy bears, and the vodka clementines. something i can use alcohol in so i can get drunk from it. Other than jello shots and mixed drinks. Sorry i can't explain better and i hope someone has a cool idea.



many 'ibles here detailing fun stuff to do with alchy. check out the watermelon keg, dry-ice cocktails, or gummi shot glasses. also, alcohol does not taste gross, but like smoke, sugar, or salt, too much will kill you. still, drink and be merry, and don't let fuddy-duddies and their holier-than-though alcohol condemnation stop you!

 Run away from alcohol, fast as you can. It may take you ten years to realize you've become an alcoholic, by then it's too late. Alcohol is a slow drug, but a nasty one.
Besides, alcohol tastes gross! You'll end up drinking only because your friends do, then you'll get used to it...and for what!

 Get drunk