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cooler lid off cooler lid on both with ice which soda will be colder? Answered

We have 2 coolers both with ice with cans of soda in each. Bothin the shade One has lid on one has lid off which soda will stay and be colder?


Joe Martin has it, but why don't you test it and find out? Experimentation is a great way to learn stuff.


Lid on, It keeps the cold air in, If it's hot and you have the lid off the sun would melt the ice and you would be left with water. Sprinkle salt on the ice to keep you drinks colder for longer too.

Salt would make the drinks cool faster, but not longer. (The salt melts the ice into freezing cold water, which is in much better contact with the drink than chunks of ice and thus transfers heat better.) Now, if you put alcohol or a strong solution of saltwater in the freezer long beforehand, that could be more useful than regular ice. The alcohol and saturated brine will become as cold as your freezer but without freezing.