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cool/punk stuff to wear? Answered

Anything cool/punk you can suggest that i make or wear, im re-inventing myself, and REALLY like punk



Best Answer 8 years ago

Making something "your own" is always unique and cool. Add patches to shirts... I've used screenprints from old tees and homemade iron-ons to make "patches" on new shirts. I've also drawn with bleach pens and re-dyed my jeans darker (mixing the black dye with blue jeans was interesting).
Try coloring your hair. If regular colored permanent dye is too radical (or not radical enough)  try www.wikihow.com/Dye-Hair-With-Kool-Aid
Re-inventing yourself is REALLY about finding what works best for you... you may realize that your tastes actually run in a slightly different direction, like rockabilly, or techno, or steampunk.

If YOU want to re-invent yourself, then YOU need to decide what's cool to wear or what your new style will be.  Look around for inspiration and decide what you like.