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correct materials to make, or how to make, or if exists usb camera to rca vid out? Answered

it seems i cannot find it anywhere but it is a usb camera to rca out processor chip, what you do is, you plug the power in via 5 volt ac adapter, bigger webcams require more current, 5 volt cause that is usb standard voltage, and for simplicity, then you plug the chip into the computer and continue on loading the camera driver files onto the memory chip in the board, once done, unplug from computer, plug in camera in the camera port and then rca video cable to the tv.
now the only problem is figuring out how to make it, i have no idea how or what type of processor chips to use, let alone the tools to make them, if they are available somewhere i'd love to know where, if not if someone could make it for me.

i someone could make it for me, my email is bluefunnymen@yahoo.com

the most basic layout is the picture of this chip, there are no audio outs on this chip but there is an audio processor on it, i dont really much care wether or not it has audio


Steve beat me to it: Raspberry Pi. (HDMI output)

...but, for the cost of making it work with a usb camera - just get a cheap camcorder. It will have better zoom and focus optics.

well the problem with that is that i found a usb inspection camera with usb interface, so i though, cheap processor, memory for the camera drivers, something about protocal and rca vid out, i think 20 bucks should make it possible, but if making thiis board is to complicated, i found something called a beaglebone that looks rather nice, the size of a credit card, and also a beagleboard, little red board, both look nice, the raspberry will run me up a hefty amount and i dislike the arduino, i had bad expirience with it, if you have instructions on how to get rasperry to do what i want, that'll be great, i just thought that something like this (picture above) would be as simple as loading driver, plug it in, normal camera

The raspberri pi is a full computer - running linux. Doing this on an embeded system (other microcontroller like beagleboard) would be an IMMENSE amount of coding. There is no 'usb webcam to rca conversion' chip.

usb webcams use their own drivers for a specific operating system to encapuslate the data in whatever format they want. Decoding this format is never as easy as 'input a video signal' because its been encoded. There are standard formats, but its never guaranteed.
You really need a board with an operating system that the camera was designed to work with - hence the raspi.

this is the camera http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1NV0M17313

You could do it with a Raspberry Pi.