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costume for plum lady? Answered

Hi all, I've been wracking my brains but can't seem to come up with a costume for myself. I'm plump, and quite frankly there aren't that many female characters out there in fantasy and sci fi land that are. can you suggest anyone?



7 years ago

If you really need to go with characters who are drawn as plump, Fiona from Shrek is pretty awesome. The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. The priestess Elosha from BSG.  (I'm sure there are more; these are off the top of my head.)

Otherwise, I'd say pick a character you like (who doesn't dress in spandex) and go for it. The Red Queen would be excellent.

Something I did once, was to cut out two GIGANTIC stars from cardboard. I spray painted them silver and attached some wide silver or black ribbon to the tops of the two stars, the ribbon went over my shoulders with my head in between. One star in front, one star in back like a sandwich board. (The old fashioned way of advertising) Then I bought some of that silvery star wrapped wire, used for wrapping gifts and braided it into a circular  crown. I got some silly string and became a "shooting star"....My students loved it!!!

I was thinking the Fig from the old Fig Newton comercials....

I think you could also find something that works along the Girl Genius / Steam Punk style.


How about an M&M?

The first thing that comes to mind is Wonder Woman...

But a quick google search turns up Princess Leia, Sarah Connor, and Storm. (Along with 22 others)

I'd recommend Sarah Connor :)

yes, but they are not plump. that is my problem.

What caitlinsdad said, you are what you are.
I have problems too, and who said there couldn't be a Dracula with crooked teeth?

yes, this is true, but some things really don't work, such as a skin tight cat woman suit or wonder woman outfit.

ok, it's decided. the Red Queen it is.

You are what you are. That is not a problem. But if you need ideas, look up images for some of the grand dames of opera and their costumes. Queen of Valhalla or something magnificent. Good luck.

Oh, I love that idea. yes, they cam be quite buxom. perhaps thats a better word for it. may be a buxom Red Queen would be fun too!