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could I turn one of those old barbie cars for kids that only go 5 mph into a mini offroad beast? Answered

Do you remember those old barbie cars for kids that only go about 5 mph, a barbie radio, pedals for brakes and going forward. Those old things. I am not good with motars engines elctronics thta stuff i am more of a machanicle(i know thats misspelled) builder so I am no good at that type of thing. But I was wondering if someone could tell me how to turn the barbie car into a mini off-raod beast and the parts I need to do it. Im not going to make an ible' on it since it would suck so anyone can use the idea. I want it to go about 10mph+. Try to keep it low price too. I dont have the car right now cause if i got one and no one commented then it would be a waste. So can someone help me? 


technically, you could, but it would basically be a homeade go-kart with a plastic barbie cover. You would probably need to replace the motor, and you would deffinantly need to beef up the cheap plastic frame with A LOT of angle iron, and then replace the tires with slightly larger ones from a go-kart or small kids bike. And if you plan on taking it off-road, you might want to add some suspension.


7 years ago

I'd like to put my two cents in and say that off roading is pretty impractical. I have seen these jeeps modified to a higher voltage. You have to remove either a voltage or current limiter, and add a battery in series. There are sites with info around try this one out.


legally? probably not at all!

but their for 5 year olds. I dont think there could be anything illegal for a barbie car. How could it be illegal. its less car like than a go-kart

You'll learn all about illegal the first time you give a kid your brilliant invention and he runs into a tree and needs stitches.

haha yea. but i guess your right. its not big or bad enough to turn into a offroader. might as well buy a real one. it would of been an AWESOME build though. thanks anyways

Mmm, do you expect it to continue at 5 MPH? if so then you may just need to change the wheels for something more rugged.

I am assuming you have an electrically powered Barbie car. Although in reality I go with Dr Pep and say it's no worth it as the basic system isn't robust enough.

No. You would need a strong chassis and wheels. It would be not even worth it at all.