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could anybody recreate this? Answered

can anybody recreate this?
well, help me recreate this(they are very expensive.)this


its a very expensive(the model shown is between 700-800 usd) predator calling machine used in hunting and pest extermination. its designed to be set about 30 yards away from the hunter(or and length, just 30 is suggested). there are sounds stored on a chip that is inserted into the device. they are then selected by use of a remote control. the device plays selected sound over 2 speakers. This device is used to fool predators(who instinctively stalk wounded prey) into coming within gunshot range. if i had the money i would just buy one(a lie) but i am currently unemployed(due to school, sports and art) would there be a way to make a remote controller for it or would i just have to run a wire from the caller to a mp3 player in my hand? I think wiessensteinburg meant the empty camouflaged flashlight to be a casing for the caller. but im not going to do that because A)I might build it into a camouflaged bag(so i dont have to worry too much about it fitting into a rigid frame) B)because i wouldnt want to waste money on a camouflaged flashlight even if i am using it for something else(the whole though behind a camo flashlight, you are using it in the dark, in the woods, and if you drop it...) and C)ease of transport(because i will be carrying a rifle and possibly on the way back, coyotes/fox/raccoon/opossum so the pack would be the obvious choice

FYI: I meant buying a cheap yellow one and spray painting it How much do you know about electronics and programming? There is a way to do it remotely...but not if you haven't done anything like it before.

oh, i thought you meant buy a camouflage flashlight. well, i sorta have done stuff like this. could you explain the basic stuff and skills needed to do this?

For wireless? You'd probably want to do it with infrared, you'd have to get some micro controllers, and other random electronic parts and such. And then you would get to write a program to operate it all... But I don't know enough about it to give you details though..

yea, i dont think i would be capable anyways lol. is there an instructable on how to make a amp that you recommend?

ok, thanks so i could get a pair of computer speakers, take them out of their "shell". then build a frame like contraption to hold them and put them into the pack. then run a cord(probably and extended cord) from the speaker input to a mp3 player with the sounds on it and then just play? it cant be that simple...

Well it depends...are those speakers battery powered? If so, then yes, it is that easy.

oh yea, i forgot about power... what if they aren't? (by the way, thanks for all the help!)

Then you'll have to get a transformer...which would be a pain. Go around to some garage sales/thrift stores, and try to find battery powered ones..that's your best bet.

could i find one in a phone charger? the big clunky end that you plug into the wall?

As they said, you apparently don't need a transformer, but need to remove one instead.

ohhhhhhhh, so basically i would be trying to convert AC to DC? i think they sell AC to DC converters meant for a cigarette lighter outlet in a car for real cheap at wally world

ohh lol
would thiswork?
could i connect it to the speakers and then the suggested battery?

oh. what could i search in the search box to find an instructable on how to do this?

I'd use a voltmeter to find the voltage coming out of the DC side of the transformer, and use that to find how many batteries you'd need. Alkaline batteries are 1.5v, while rechargeables are generally 1.2v.

lol im not that far yet, what i need is info on how to get a transformer, how to connect a transformer to a pair of computer speakers and then to the batteries.

My process isn't that difficult - really. Most wall-powered speakers have a transformer already in them. You'd actually need to remove it.

hmmmm lol im confused now, so if i got a pair of computer speakers how would i convert them to battery power? or could i run them off the battery in the mp3 player?

If what he says is right, than you'd have to find the transformer, and remove it.

Yeah, DC current sees a coil (like those in transformers) as a short between power and ground. You would literally have to set up a timer circuit to get a pulse (or a PW generator) so that the transformer did not see DC but AC, IF you needed AC current.

You wouldn't be able to use it off the mp3 players battery unless it were the type that doesn't need to be plugged in/have batteries. In that case, it wouldn't be very loud.

oh. hmm i think i will just wait untill i acquire the speakers and once i take them apart i will post pictures of it asking what each thing inside is. but thanks for all of your help!, i am going to bed lol

'Kay, good luck, and g'night.

Yes, remove the transformer and replace it with adequate DC power (batteries).


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In theory, of course.


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ok if you are talking about the flashlight screw recreateing it how about finding it when you are in the wild

Suggestions Forget the remote, buy cheap boombox at thrift store ,spray paint and make custom cd's. Buy a $10 dying rabbit call and learn to use it.

well, i have a mouth call but the reason why i am hunting these predators is because they are a nuisance at my dads work(NC state research farm) and also to the neighboring horse stables so i cant screw up lol. also, i will be in a tree stand(for obvious reasons because the coyotes aren't afraid of people) and i will be about 40 yards away from the caller and i dont feel like climbing down the tree stand, waling and pressing skip.

Coyotes aren't afraid of people? I beg to differ! If these predators you speak of are coyotes, and there are that many of them they cause a nuisance, it shouldn't be too hard to just sit back and wait for them walk by. That is, of course, you can shoot accurately.

actually they are more afraid of you are walking but they will follow the tractors when they plow the fields hoping a mouse would pop out. but they will get close to you if you dont have anything in your hands because the employees swing shovels at them lol. they are really only active when the people are working because i guess they help scare up food?? because ive set out against a tree several times without a call for a couple of hours and i saw one really really far away.

Our coyotes down here (they are a big problem, just crush the deer population) are scared as hell of us. I'd bait them up (if legal) too, along with the call.

its legal, apparently they killed almost the entire red fox population so there are no regulations regarding coyotes. they are always in season(good excuse for deer hunting in the summer" i swear mr game warden, im coyote hunting!" lol) where do you live?

Augusta, Georgia, forever and always.

really? im in castle hayne, north carolina.

Doesn't seem hard at all, as long as you can get the audio files. You could even gut one of those yellow 12v flashlights, gut it, camo paint it, and use that as the base. Install a speaker, amp, battery, and cheap mp3 in it, and bam, you've got one!