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could i paint a LAK table with a golden spray?? what kind of spray?? Answered

i need to paint a this table

i would like to paint in golden with a spray but i don´t know what kind of spray to avoid get the things i put on it dirty.

thank you



Once you've painted the table the color you'd like and allowed it to cure, re-coat it with several coats of a clear acrylic or polyurethane to provide added protection for the paint finish. both clear acrylic and polyurethane can be purchased in spray from as well. Further Polyurethane can be purchased in both tinted and "clear versions. As to the color, well that's up to you. visit a home improvement store to see what's available. There are both traditional muted goldtones as well as highly reflective metallic finishes available in spraycans.

You could use Krylon spray. They have several golds you can pick from. I would give it a light sanding and wash with paint thinner or even rubbing alcohol would do. Then spray several coats like the can says. After you spray you have to let the solvents that made the paint wet evaporate. This can take a week or two if it's cool. Once they leave the paint the paint should be hard and not sticky.