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could someone post a model railroading related instructable please? Answered

it is things like track planning for Ho scale and landscaping.


 try my instructable- building a model railroad one foot at a time

Just a couple of steps on from your perfectly-excellent suggestion... L (My dad offered to take me to see a local railway-modeller's open day today, but we've done that the last two years. Their live-steam stuff is pretty neat though)

Writing and photgraphing an instructable takes time to do right. Unless someone is doing that right now it's unlikely that they will start a project today. Even if they did it would probably be past the week end before it was finished.

Better idea is for you to go here
and find a project that you like, do that project and make an instructable out of it and post it here for us.

There are even instructables posted that tell you how to do an instructable.

Good luck.