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could someone write me a circuit that would allow my to affect an LED circuit by strobing the LED's Answered

 Ideally this circuit would have a potentiometer knob that would twist from Constantly on to long strobes with lots of room for adjustment.? I have RBG LED circuits and microcontrollers and really want to have an adjustable strobe effect. Or is this a coding sort of thing that would be much harder?



7 years ago

Sure use Up / Dn push buttons instead of a pot for strobing,

But for the Cat's meow you can very easily add a slide switch and a
simple audio pickup to make it a personal portable color organ.
Mount the LEDs on a belt for men, neck choker jewelry for chicks
and add a counter rotary spin enhancement !


that sounds great but for now I just want to get this project going.

I would try to use an LM324 Quad Op-Amp and a cheep Radio Shack microphone to make make three filtered DC level representing High Fq,
Midrange FQ, and Base Fq.

Feed the Three levels into a uP ADC 3 way input or mux them into a single ADC.
The DC level would set Blue for High Fq. Red for Low BASE DC level and
Green for Mid range DC level.

Two roller ball switches when detected would rotate left tor right a four chan
chase light 3ON 1off start fast and slow with time until another sw action.


Conceptually easy enough. You want an adjustable-frequency, and possibly adjustable pulse width, square/pulse wave generator, feeding into a power transistor large enough to control however many LEDs you're dealing with...

this sounds about right so I figure max about 1 amp at 3.4v full power. sounds like I would need two knobs to vary frequency (brightness?) and pulse width (length of time on?) right? so can I get IC's that do that sort of thing easily enough? I'm new to circuit design so this is just little above my realm.

Research the 555 timer - lots if info on the web.